Debilitating Gyneocological Pain

I went to BlueCrane Acupuncture for a gynecological problem that caused debilitating pain.  My goal was to get healthy and not have a surgery if it wasn’t necessary.   Just after two sessions I could feel the difference.  I can’t begin to tell you how much better I am.  I’m not taking any medication, feeling more control of my body, and am a different person physically and emotionally.  When I’m getting an acupuncture treatment, it’s the most relaxing thing I’ve experienced in years. I tell my own customers about BlueCrane all the time.  If you are searching for answers to your health needs, I can give a 100% Reference.   Ken and Diana Harbour are naturally gifted healers and know their medicine well. 

M.D. 12/24/13

Debilitating Gyneocological Pain

Avoiding Knee Surgery

“I work 12 hour shifts and at age 60, was having some real pain in one of my knees. It was hard to walk downhill or down a stairs. A family member suggested BlueCrane Acupuncture and I’m glad they did. Just after two treatments with Ken and using the herbals I bought, my knee is 80% better. I work without a problem and walking downstairs is no longer the issue it was. Ken and Diana are professional, knowledgeable, and certainly solved my problem. Having grown up in Lynchburg, I was pretty skeptical. No more. If you have a pain or bad joint you should contact BlueCrane.” D.J. Lynchburg, VA

Sciatica Gone!

I was suffering with extreme sciatic pain for some time and it was affecting me and my business. I have to be on my feet and I have to take care of my customers and employees. I tried medication, massage several times a week, and chiropractics but received no relief.

A friend told me about BlueCrane and so I decided to see if Acupuncture could help. On my first visit Ken used a combination of acupuncture pins and manual manipulation and I could walk better leaving the session. The next morning I was feeling so much better I tried a little exercise. By the end of my forth visit I was 95% back to health and am amazed at how well it worked. I’ve told all my family and friends who could see how much pain I was in and how difficult it was for me to walk. I can totally recommend BlueCrane Acupuncture. And No, it didn’t hurt!

Tremors Stopped

Dear Diana and Ken,

I am writing to express my appreciation for the very effective treatment you administered that provided such quick relief from the recurrence of my total body tremor.  You’ll recall when I first came to Diana for treatment that I had suffered from the  total body tremor in 2005.  I then spent three and a half years undergoing treatment from a range of neurologists from the Roanoke region, the University of Virginia (two visits) and the Mayo Clinic (three visits.)  None of the specialists who worked on me could diagnose my condition, although several along the way treated my symptoms with a wide variety of drugs, some of which had serious side effects.  At one point, I had so many conflicting drugs in my system I went into toxic shock.  My last attempt to get a diagnosis ended in the Columbia Presbyterian neurological department in New York City in mid-2009, by which time the symptoms had disappeared.  The Columbia neurologists had no explanation for the sudden onset of the tremors in 2005 or for their spontaneous disappearance in 2009.

When the tremors manifested themselves again late last year, my wife and I were in despair.  I was in total body tremor and we had no idea where to turn next, having earlier found no answers from some of the best neurologists in the country.  Our pastor suggested I explore acupuncture since all traditional medicine had had no effect.  I contacted you folks at BlueCrane and scheduled an initial session with Diana.  The session lasted two hours and involved various procedures, including acupuncture.  At the end of the two hour treatment, my tremors had disappeared and I have had no problems since.  To me, this is a dramatic evidence of the effectiveness of this ancient Chinese medical procedure.

D.F. Bedford County, VA


Hot Flashes Dissapear

When a family member told me that BlueCrane Acupuncture could help with my hot-flashes, I wasn’t sure what to think.  But since they had helped me with one problem I decide to give it a try.  I was having a lot of uncomfortable times daily and enough that I was sleeping terrible.  After my second treatment at  BlueCrane for the condition, I was having just one hot flash daily and sometimes none at all.  All I can say is incredible.  I get so relaxed during the session, the herbs are safe and the food change has been a benefit.  No one else had a answer to my condition.  Thanks BlueCrane Acupuncture for being in Lynchburg.

M.D. Lynchburg

Body Pain Gone!

Hi, I’ve had severe body pain in my shoulders and back for over two years and have looked at many things trying to get help and an answer.  I’ve been to an Orthopedic Physician, a Chiropractor, and was even sent to Physical Therapy for a period of time buy found no relief and no answer.  I head Diana Harbour from BlueCrane Medical Acupuncture speak at a social function, and it was soon after than a friend told me to go saying, “it would change my life.”

I went to BlueCrane and have been treated by Ken Harbour and Diana Harbour who used herbal therapy, acupuncture, and a special massage Ken does.  I could tell the difference almost immediately.  I’ve been to seven sessions and by the fourth could tell a big difference.  I finally found something that gives me relief and someone who gave me an answer to the problem.  I can recommend BlueCrane 100%.  If you’re tired of being in pain, go!

M.K. Lynchburg


Just One Visit

Over a week of pain, pain pills, doctors visits, and a trip to the Emergency Room resulting in steroids…but just one trip to BlueCrane did more than all those combined.  I’m a believer and am on the road to recovery.

J.T. . Lynchburg


Skeptic No More

I work 12 hour shifts and at age 60, was having some real pain in one of my knees.  It was hard to walk downhill or a stairs.  A family member suggested BlueCrane Acupuncture and I’m glad they did.  Just after two treatments and using the herbals I bought, my knee is 80% better.  I work without a problem and walking downstairs is no longe rthe issue it was.  Ken and Diana are professional, knowledgeable, and certainly solved my problem.  Having grown up in Lynchburg, I was a bit skeptical.  No more…If you have a pain  or bad joint you should contact BlueCrane Acupuncture.

D.J. . Lynchburg


Diana ~ Great treatments.

I have been a patient of Diana at BlueCrane Acupuncture for about 1 year. Approximately three weeks ago I severely sprained my ankle and could barely walk on it due to the pain. I was self-medicating with Motrin numerous times daily. At my next regular appointment with Diana, I explained the problem and she was anxious to help resolve the condition. With just one treatment, Diana relieved about 90% of the pain. As soon as I sat up and stepped on the floor, I could feel the difference the best was yet to come. The next morning when I awoke and stepped on the floor, I discovered that the pain was completely gone. I have had no pain in my ankle since that visit. Thanks Diana!

L.M. Bedford VA


On Cloud Nine ~ Gave Up Hope


For the past two weeks I have been on cloud nine having been relieved of so much back pain that I had been battling with for 15 plus years.  I had pretty much given up hope when I saw an ad for BlueCrane treatment of Veterans.  I gave it a try an am so grateful.

The initial interview and personal attention given to each visit as an essential part of the equations.  Ken and Diana are a Godsend to our community.  From my understanding, we have a gem i Ken and Diana and they truly love and enjoy what they do.

J.F,. Altavista, VA


Allergies Gone from 16 yr old!

I brought my grandson to blue crane acupuncture because he suffered from severe allergies and I had had some recent problems myself with sinuses and I have not had any infections since the fall of 2015 after coming to BlueCrane.  I knew he would benefit from acupuncture treatments. He is now done with the treatments and he no longer takes the medicine he was taking and he can mow all the grass and are very large property without a mask or any ill effects.  Acupuncture has been a true blessing and BlueCrane will be a place where all my family can benefit from.


BlueCrane Solves 3 Year Pain Problem.

I had chronic back pain in my lower back for 3 years. I had tried anti-inflammatory drugs and physical therapy with limited temporary relief period after only three acupuncture treatments with Diana, I am completely free of the chronic pain that I had experienced in my lower back.

Diana was thorough and her evaluation and with my help put together a comprehensive history of My overall health and well-being. She listen to me throughout our session and modified the acupuncture treatments based on my feedback. My condition improved with each treatment and I am now free of the chronic pain that I had experienced for years. I am able to perform tasks, such as driving long distances and doing yard work without work.

The quality of my life has improved dramatically since coming to BlueCrane Medical Acupuncture.

S.M. Bedford VA


In Pain Since 1989.

Since 1989 I’ve had pain. I tried a variety of therapies but found little help. No one seemed to have an answer for me. I start work early in the morning and by 9:30 or 10 a.m. be wondering how I’d get through the day. My wife, a nurse, checked out BlueCrane Acupuncture and encouraged me to give them a try. Ken explain to me exactly what he was going to do it along with the Acupuncture and Chinese herbs also used a very special massage technique on my back. The treatments feel great! Even in the first few days I could feel an incredible difference. We agreed on a six-session program and by the first session I was a believer. Now at the end of those sessions I’m not 100% but I’m 95% and I can go through the entire day and have very little discomfort at all.  I’m like a lot of people who need to be on the job and I can’t think BlueCrane Acupuncture enough. If you’re in pain or not getting the answers you want, I can recommend BlueCrane. I’m a Christian and Ken and Diana will make you feel comfortable if you are too!

D.F. Forest, VA